bullet imagebullet imageto the home of Kerry Masterman, Artist.  Specialising in portraits of horses, all pets and indeed all animals! Commissions to your specifications welcome.  I work in Graphite, Pastels, Ink, Pencils, Watercolour and Acrylics.  I'm happy to chat and love to come up with something that ticks all of your boxes. Feel free to email, or connect with me on Facebook. 

I hope you enjoy having a browse through some of my creations to date.


A very under rated medium, done in many layers, and using a variety of grades of graphite from very hard to as soft as an actual powder.  Framing with a matt or beading that is the actual colour of the subject gives a unique finish and leads the viewer to insert their own interpretation onto the subject. 

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I've recently branched out into the world of painting with Pastels and I love it!  Using both pastel pencils and soft pastel sticks, creating in colour is great fun!

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From unusual colour combinations in a representational style to monochromatic pieces, the sky is the limit with Acrylics.  Canvases are available in a huge range of sizes so we can nearly always find something that will suit your requirements! 

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